Master Program in FX / Dynamics

756 Hours | 24 Months


About This Course

This program focuses on creating eye catching and realistic 3D Dynamics effects using Particle Simulations. It is one of the most challenging aspects of Animation, Visual Effects and Gaming industry.

You need to create effects as per the genre of the work. As per requirement of Director, you need to tweak it continuously to improve the quality. The workflow / pipeline get updated with every single project.


What will you learn in this program?

  • Create and enhance your aesthetics and technical sense.
  • Industry standard techniques for working on CHF (Cloth, Hair, Fur).
  • Working on a shot single-handedly including Modeling, Texturing, Dynamics, Lighting and Animation.
  • Manipulate techniques of 3D models and textures as per the requirement.
  • Optimize the complete scene.
  • Working on various aspects of simulations – fluids / liquids, object shattering and fracture. (building, glass, vehicles are more), blasts, debris, fire, smoke, blood, energy (balls, blasts, vortex and shockwaves), weather, storm clouds and more.
Level Expert
Duration 24 Months
Hours 756 Hrs.
Softwares 11 Softwares


Applicable Jobs

  • 3D FX / Simulation Artist (Water / Fire / Expositions / Natural phenomena and more)





Pre-Production (Story development and execution)

60 hrs.

Photography (Capturing the moments)

05 hrs.

Photoshop (Photo editing and compositing)

20 hrs.

3ds Max (Powerful 3D software for gaming, architecture and assets)

125 hrs.

Premiere Pro (Video editing and effects)

10 hrs.

After Effects (Visual effects, motion graphics and compositing)

20 hrs.
  Total  240 hrs.

in 3D



Substance Designer (3D models with seamless texture)

20 hrs.

Substance Painter (Incredibly powerful 3D painting tool)

20 hrs.

Maya (Powerful 3D software for movies, series and visual effects)

150 hrs.

Houdini  (Dynamic simulation tools to create visual effects )

50 hrs.

Mari (High-resolution digital 3D texture painting)

20 hrs.

Katana (Powerful tool for look development and lighting)

20 hrs.

Nuke (Powerful node base compositing software for movies and series)

20 hrs.
  Total  300 hrs.

FX / Dynamics



Maya Dynamics ( Particle simulation, Xgen) 20 hrs.
Houdini Object Simulation 40 hrs.
Houdini Cloth Simulation 40 hrs.
Houdini Fracture Simulation 40 hrs.
Houdini / Realflow Liquid Simulation 40 hrs.
Houdini Particle Simulation 20 hrs.
VEX (Programming language to create complex effects) 16 hrs.
  Total  216 hrs.

Portfolio Development

You need to submit your demoreel / portfolio to be eligible to receive the Frameboxx certificate. 


During these 24 months, you will be continuously in touch with your mentors for enhancement of your submission. The final grading will be calculated on the basis of your overall performance during the tenure of your course and quality of demoreel / portfolio. 

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