Rajesh R. Turakhia

Founder, Director

Rajesh R. Turakhia has made a significant impact in the field of AVGC training across India by creating and successfully executing two leading educational institution brands namely Frameboxx 2.0 and MAAC over the last 25 years. Under his leadership, both institutions have successfully mentored over 2,00,000 students. His vision to enhance the quality and studio readiness of the workforce is reflected in the fact that most of the studios in India have students or animators trained under his tutelage. 

Rajesh’s vision of MAAC began to take shape in 2001 as a Founder. Brimming with an impassioned mindset, Rajesh always wanted to bring a positive impact on the animation industry. He is also the founding force of ’24 FPS’, a revolutionary and industry-recognized competition, to give students and professionals their due recognition and fame in the Animation and VFX industry.

His visionary mindset saw him overlooking the state-of-the-art production studio, Maya Entertainment Limited (MEL) as a CEO and Executive Director. Mentoring the studio from 8 artists to strength of 500 artists, his initiatives soon made MEL one of the top five studios in India. Under his mentorship, MEL worked on some of the country’s most prolific clients like BBC, Electronic Arts, MTV, Activision, Coke, and Rainbow Pvt. Ltd. 

To give students a hands-on experience, Rajesh launched Frameboxx in 2008 with the now sought-after, ‘Incubation Centre’ where students got to hone their skills on LIVE projects. It was a real production scenario of client servicing, providing quality output within the stipulated deadlines, and cracking deliverables as a team.
Despite achieving milestones, Rajesh was still hungry to make it big for his students. He soon worked towards placing Frameboxx on the global map by collaborating with reputed academic institutions like Seneca College in Canada and Anglia Ruskin University in the United Kingdom to award international certifications. To give students an extra edge, Frameboxx even secured partnership deals with prominent Universities in India. As of today, Frameboxx is a proud and authorized Training partner of the Media and Entertainment Skill Council (MESC) and has its curriculum aligned to the QPNOS (a part of NSDC Skill India Mission Project) standards. 
To raise the bar for continuous development, Rajesh launched Frameboxx in a whole new avatar. Coined as ‘Frameboxx 2.0’ in 2019, the refashioned establishment became a ‘Premier Academy for Media & Creative Arts’- an amalgamation of various creative and technical skills required by the media and entertainment industry. Frameboxx 2.0 broadened the gamut of creative design and visual art by curating verticals of new media technologies and creative research in the fields of Gaming, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and more. 
Frameboxx is operated and supervised by industry experts and professionals with over 20 years of experience to their credit. To leave no stone unturned, Rajesh engaged with internationally acclaimed artists such as Steve Wright to design a curriculum in path-breaking software. He even ensured to institutionalize an advisory board and governing panel for keeping a constant watch on quality content. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure the examples when quoted are from the post-production pipeline as opposed to dated use cases.  Frameboxx 2.0 got its due credit in the form of an honorary mention in the ‘Top 25 International Animation Schools and Colleges - 2020 International Rankings’ by Animation Career Review.
Rajesh has made his presence count by being proactive in several industry bodies and participating as a key speaker at many international events in India and overseas. Currently, he is a part of the Sub-Task Force (Skilling) for formulating and suggesting the policy for the AVGC ecosystem. He is also a member of the CII Sub Committee on AVGC and Immersive Media. His relationships with fellow industry leaders have made him one of the most influential personalities that can make a valuable difference in the field of Arts and Entertainment.

Ravi Gupta

CEO, Director

Mr. Ravi Gupta carved his own niche market segment, apart from growing the existing family business, from the age of 21. With his entrepreneur skills and innovative ideas, he ventured into the education space of Animation and Visual Effects in 2005. Through revolutionary marketing tactics and eminent business leadership, he became the promoter of over 10 training centres pan India. He has been instrumental in structuring cutting edge systems and policies for the betterment of students, which was highly appreciated in various national and international forums. Over 20,000 students from his centres are employed in the Animation and Visual Effects industry at leading positions, in India as well as abroad.

Over the years, Ravi researched and analyzed the industry from various perspectives of finance, management, technology and many other essential verticals of business operations. Apart from running the entire system from the top level management, he is an exceptional motivator and communicator. He identifies and nurtures his team member’s various skills and gives them space and freedom to execute them. During inevitable failures, in doing so, he works towards finding the solution, rather than playing the blame game. Such respect to everyone is one of his major characteristics, which everyone vouches him for.

Today, he continues to be in the education domain as CEO of Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects. Ravi actively participates in relevant industry events and has become one of the key members of the Animation and VFX industry. Through such rigorous practice, he continuously keeps tabs on all latest technology trends and emerging business possibilities.

Vinita Bachani

Vice President Operations (West)

Vinita Bachani has done her MBA specializing in Marketing and Finance. She zeroed in as a Counselor as her first job in 2001. With her zeal and inclination towards the creative industry, she was continuously learning and progressing. Vinita worked in varied capacities and job roles of Centre Head and Manager at various Animation and VFX institutes. With all these practical exposure and experience, she moved on the position of Business Partner of Frameboxx in the end of 2007. After the sabbatical break, she joined Framebxx again as Vice President Operations (West) in 2018.

She has extensive experience in Business Development, Franchise Relationship, Marketing and Operations. She is operating from Pune where she is managing overall centre operations and is responsible for the development of the region. The centre headed by her is one of the best centers of the brand and has an excellent placement record. All the alumni do vouch for the same.

At Frameboxx, Vinita has consistently developed effective and efficient operations flow. Looking to the bigger picture, she maintains the integrity of the brand and ensures systems, training, and processes are up-to-date and well-coordinated. She prides herself in continuously building high performing and motivated teams through education, engagement, and ongoing programs. College tie-ups, seminars, corporate training, etc are the added expertise.

Rajeev Singh

Assistant Vice President

Rajeev Singh has a keen sense of handling various essential Business operations for growth hacking of a company, predominantly in an Education domain. With his vast experience and expertise, he has become an instrumental tool for overall expansion.

Over the years, he has researched and analyzed the industry from various perspectives of finance, management and many other essential verticals of business operations. He identifies and nurtures his team member’s various skills and gives them space and freedom to execute them.

At Frameboxx, he is successfully managing all franchisee centres and helps them to remain profitable.

Amit Mozar

HOD - Academics & Digital Marketing

Amit Mozar is Media Arts professional with 16+ years of experience and knowledge in various essential verticals of Animation, VFX, Educational operations, Editorial, Business, Digital Marketing and Social Media. Expertise ranges from being an artist, trainer, writer and executing various management functions. Believes in 'Constant Learning'.

Apart from being a Senior Corporate Trainer of VFX for various established brands and individuals, he also epresented internationally acclaimed broadcast and video production manufacturer company Blackmagic Design at Broadcast India Show 2015 as ‘Fusion Demo Artist’.

He is responsible for implementating and executing new initiatives for overall business growth. With handling various Academic and Management operations, he maintains optimum ROI on YOY basis. He executes complete online and offline marketing activities including various campaigns of lead generation, branding and other promotional activities.His responsibilities covers the entire gamut of marketing, from scratch to finaliztion. 

Following his passion, he is also the founder of the leading Animation and VFX blog – The Virtual Assist. It provides latest updates and news of the said industry.

Kalpesh Kheradia

Mentor - Curriculum / Franchisee Management

A thorough professional who’s been in the Animation Industry for over 18 years. At Frameboxx, he manages Technical Operations in capacity of AVP. He’s been mentor to more than 1000 artists working at prestigious Studios pan India and abroad. He has mentored 2 Award winning student short films which were highly acclaimed and appreciated by the industry.

He has been working on various projects involving 3D Content for Films, Televisions, Interactive Museum, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. He brings his Production, Training and Managerial expertise to enrich the training and production quality.

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